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Terms & Conditions

1.  The Hirer agrees to accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the premises, furniture, fixtures and fittings and to reimburse the club for the repair, renewal or replacement as may be necessary, even if it should exceed the amount of deposit paid.

2.  All drinks consumed on the premises must be purchased from the bar, anyone found bringing in their own beverages will be asked to leave.

3.  The Hirer agrees to ensure that all guests conduct themselves with propriety and if any person becomes objectionable or consumes too much alcohol to conduct themselves in an orderly manner, they will be asked to leave and escorted off of the premises.

4.  The Hirer agrees to ensure that the premises are left in a reasonably clean and tidy state upon the completion of hire, with the removal of any decorations.

5.  The Hirer will help to ensure that the licensing laws are adhered to particularly in regard to ensuring that all drinks are consumed within 20 minutes of the bar closing.

6.  The Hirer attends for the duration of any booking made by themselves.

7.  The Hirer agrees to comply with any requests of the staff, management and committee.

8.  Children of the Hirer or their guests, will remain in the hall under supervision of adults and are not permitted to use the sports field or car park as a play area.

9.  Breaking any of the above conditions may result in forfeiture of the deposit at the discretion of the committee and steward.

The Hirer agrees to pay for non members £250 and a deposit of £200, members £200.00 and a deposit of £200. The deposit will be payed back to the hirer 1 week after the event as long as as there is no damage to the inside or outside of the venue.

Please note that the premises must be clear by midnight.  Last orders will be called at 10:45pm and the bar closes at 11pm.  You will be responsible for the conduct of your guests and any damages arising from misuse of the premises and furniture.

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